Genesis of the Q & A

February 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Nel: I’m giving up on political action since this “FREE ELECTION ACT that is being pushed through.  I’m fuckin DONE
Char:  You know my opinion.  Direct action and activism has nothing to do with Electoralism except a firm boycott and not wasting time worrying about it. Building alternatives and transforming culture have NOTHING to do with politicians and caring at all about what they are doing, working for reformist legislation, etc
Nel:  But they can do lots of damage.  Seems no way to stop the horror.
Char  Actually no they can’t. It’s the State itself, not the politicians. The structure is the problem, not the participants. Trying to elect out a conservative party will  not solve the problem.
Nel:  And the politicians are changing the structure right now.  Electoral reform – it is horrible Char.  Please read up on it in news now.
Char:  Nope, sure am not. The structure in an electoral context is an illusion.
Nel:  Okay.  I will try to learn.
Char:  People waste so much time worrying about electoral structure rather than realizing the state political structure itself is what gives our socioeconomic organization its character. If political parties are less complicit with corporations, then the corporations (Capital Power) use alternate methods. Structure of power resides in capital, not politics. Politics is theatre for people who think they are sophisticated. Not at all sarcastic.  Fuck Bureaucratic structures.  They make change ‘THROUGH’ the system impossible.  Inertia. Only possible change is outside and around the structure. Difficult.  Generational.  Changing culture is a lifetime commitment and painful and difficult to the point of seeming impossible. But it has nothing to do with how much of an asshole or nice guy the political leader happens to temporarily be.  So keep activism going.  Make it Direct Action.  Some activists use the language of ‘True activism or anarchism is non-political, as in it doesn’t use the apparatus of the state and instead focuses on cultural, social and economic ideas.
Nel: Okay.  I still am sad that I can not believe in a thread of leadership.  But that is a cop-out. It is a turning point for me… maybe.  not sudden, but a movement away.  I do not want to feel cynical, nor lack hope.  Anyway.  Thanks.
Char:  Leadership roles are contemptible and just detract from the more important work of the rank and file, said Durruti.
Nel:  We need to learn new styles of decision making.
Char:  We need to ‘organize’ new styles of decision making
Nel:  I would like to learn and help with that.  There is such a top-down, delegation model to unteach. How about a teaching institute in conjunction with folk festivals.  Summer tent seminars, helping people to learn. This seems like the biggest barrier – lack of language and ability to implement what in our gut, we know is the next direction. Kind of a road show.  Someone has to teach this.
Char:  Folk fest seminar does sound like a good idea. Difficult part is penetrating the more stubborn aspects of culture. Dual approach to revolutionary activity. Folk fest is already somewhat of a radicalized culture.  So definitely an ‘accessible’ group.  Mao (fuck Mao btw…) but he had 1 interesting piece of writing on Revolutionary class analysis.  Basically about organizing time as an activist, figuring out which demographics are ‘cultivatable’ and which are ‘impossible’, so as to make best use of time, and then splitting the cultivatable groups in the degrees of importance based on size and difficulty I think it’s call ‘Analysis of Class in Chinese Society’, all using a traditional Marxian methodology or method of analysis, based on standing in class and property ownership So the details are out of date, but the process / methodology is still quite valuable. A proper demographic / class / cultural analysis need be done for our region(s) circa 2014. Revolutionary activity must be based upon thorough reflection and analysis.
Nel:  Like an aprés politico series.  Use the evangelical TENT thing? or, speaker q/a format.  I know it won’t be easy, but maybe it is time to begin.
Char:  Some say nothing good is easy.  Some say anything good is easy. Aristotle vs Nietzsche
Nel:  It costs money.  Not much, but some.  Transportation is the main cost.  Planning is the other factor. I will participate.  How does this unfold?   How about a federation of associations?
Char:  That’s the structure to bring scale to a larger degree.
Nel:  People who associate for various reasons, associate with this federation for mutual education and social betterment.
Char:  Definitely. Federating is the process of making things larger while maintaining the initial organization form.
Nel:  What is it called?  Federation of Grounded People? Voice of the Federation. Federation of Turtle Island. Mutual Federation Society.
Char:  Just say federating / federation. Confederation being different, a constitutional state form. Another word that’s been conflated several times.
Nel:  Federating for Future. FFF  haha.
Char:  But federalism is the opposite of statism. An alternative method of organizing politically.
Nel:  This is lesson one.
Char:  In the Socialist movement before it was fragmented between Marx & Bakunin, there was a great debate between Statism and Federalism, Centralization and Decentralization, about which would be the organizing policy of the movement. It created a rift which to this date divides anarchists and Marxists.
Nel:  So, Canada is supposed to be decentralized?  I wanna start a blog about this. ROTFL = Return of the Federation League.
Char:  Substance vs form. Content over conduct.
Nel:  I know, but a blog of that name, with some beginnings of explanations would be a funny title – and not internet searchable.
Char:  The Federation as an alternative to the Nation State. ‘Organizing politics differently’ There is an alternative Like in economic discourse with Markets etc.
Nel: Yes.  I understand.  Sorta. But I’m wondering how we can share language and learning though.  So, Return of the Federation League (implies back to a beginning when organizations were affiliated for a better land).  ROTFL.parecon
Charley:  I meant as slogans, short attention span propagandhi phrases. Not sure if rotfl strikes a chord.  Not sure what League implies? *propagandha ha ha**propaganada.
Nel:  I guess, it depends if you want to be OUT THERE or a bit subversive.  I assume the latter – if we go on the road to educate, especially in the face of corporate zealots. League to me implies a connection for a purpose,maybe allegiance is from the same root? I know so little – yet my gut sees a need to educate about alternatives.  I watched a video documentary shared by Caroline, last week – and even the mention of the word Marx, or Che .. got teachers fired in Arizona. I know that the ideas you have come from all kinds of ideologies and from different historical contexts.  And making references will get picked up by zealots (not sure how else to describe people who fear anarchism) and screeched as hell speech.  So, if we start by me asking and learning from you, in a written form – on a blog, maybe that will give us something.  Then places, other people, etc.
Char:  If you are looking for a ‘new’ non-alienating language, that is the whole idea of Parecon. It is exactly that. A new articulation of Anarchism. Participatory economics / participatory democracy.  You’re thinking like a Q & A format? For a blog?
Nel:  yes.  Economy is part of it, but people, place, caring, helping.  Yes.  I have so many questions. Yes.  that is what I’m thinking. I can not write it, and I want to learn.  All I can ask is the first question!
Char: Okay.  What’s the first question?

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